Raw materials must be compiled to transform the car from an idea to a reality. Many car manufacturers are looking for more sustainable, as well as lightweight and cost-effective, materials for their cars to keep up with the demand for greener products. 


Automobile design must respond to the public’s needs and desires for a car. Once the design is drafted, it’ll go through many revisions to perfect it. 

The interior and exterior must be fashioned so that it is attractive to potential buyers while also including innovative technologies that make the car newsworthy and competitive to other brands. 

Small models will be made in 2D and 3D forms to test the car’s design. Engineers will test for aerodynamics, safety, hot and cold weather, fuel economy, electrical functionality, cost analysis, and more.  

Once the design and engineering specs have been approved, then the manufacturing process can begin. 


The sheet metal parts for the bodywork are created and stamped by robots. These parts form side frames, doors, hoods, and roofs, which are later added onto the main frame of the car. 

Once the frame is created and the parts are ready to be assembled, the car will be loaded onto a production line. 

The car will travel along a moving assembly line in a factory as robots and people work on them. Manufacturing plant workers will attach parts to the car and may work alongside robots for certain tasks. Robotic work cells will work alone to weld, solder, screw, and glue parts onto the car. 

Once the parts of the body are manufactured onto the car, it will undergo detailing. This includes cleaning, layering chemical formulas for protection against corrosion and scratches, and painting

Finally, the engine, transmission, axles, and exhaust systems are installed into the car and the tires are furnished so the car can stand on its own. 


Now that the car is ready to drive, it will be tested for quality assurance and safety.  

The vehicle is checked for any imperfections or inconsistencies in the interior and exterior design.  

The car will run through a series of tests similar to those given at a DMV: the engine is started and stopped several times, the steering alignment is adjusted, the headlights are checked for brightness and reach, brakes are tested for safety, and more. 

Then, the car will be tested in heavy water pressure to find leaks. 

The car’s programming will be tested, and the electrical units will be checked to ensure safety and accessibility. 

Finally, crash testing will be executed to observe how the car handles impacts, and to test airbag and seat belt performance. 

If the car requires no further tweaks in design and production for safety, then the car can be presented to the market. 


After performing market research, developing a marketing theme, and defining the price of the car, the car will be produced for car dealerships and private dealers to sell to the public. 


The various materials have been put into consideration , we have decided to make use of Nigeria raw materials to provide customer luxury satisfaction. Our aim is to create jobs from the raw material and bring alive the dead steel industries, and also with this it will help to increase the economical growth of Nigeria.

list of materials include

1. steel      2. textile material     3. leather    4. plastic     5. rubber

6. glass     7. copper wires        8.  optical fiber    9. aluminum

10. cast iron   11. zinc   12. fiberglass    

We guess you will be asking what the car is going to be or Nigeria is not ready. 90% of these materials are Nigeria raw material except for optical fiber. optical fiber is considered because of its use for sensor and car wiring . The parts of the car will be available as research is put in place. 


The major asset of Rentolog technology is transparency , so we are trying to deceive our customers with words. Below are the structural material and the reason it is chose:

1. steel :  material to be used is stainless steels because stainless steel has a shining look and it is attractive unlike the aluminum that does not rust but corrode. If we decide to alloy aluminum , stainless steel has ductility, with that it can absorb energy or impacts and also aluminum is flammable, that is why people go with copper. Nigeria has an abundance of  iron ore and if we manage the steel industry it will play in the increase of the economy, so stainless steel will go for the body. In addition , it will also act as the pressure arc for the water tank passage flow. . Also the electric steering wheel is made of steel material but coated with textile material design. Also the Ac condition ( condensing, evaporating refrigerator mechanics)  is made of steel  coated with zinc ( galvanizing steel). Transmission system  is made of treated steel material. The rotor used in the water generator is made up of copper and steel

2. cast iron: the material to be used is the treated cast iron to remove the brittle nature and to make it tough. so it will work for the chassis frame. The suspension system is made of treated cast iron for its toughness.

3. leather: will be use as parts of interior designs

4. Plastic: will serve in the creation of a water generator and to serve as insulators and also for bumper. It is also used in the creation of water tanks.

5. Rubber: will serve in  tires and also as seat belts  and also in the creation of an inward water generator and also to serve as a hose for water passage. Also the turbine used in the water generator is made of rubber so that with time it will not get rust , as water can easily moves rubber than steel

6. textile material: it is used in  combination with leather in the design of dashboard 

7. Zinc : it is used in treating steel to prevent it from rusting.

8.  copper: it is used in the 5 phase inductor coil and also wiring of the car. because it is seen that copper is conductive and not flammable unlike aluminum wire.

9. Aluminum: it is used in the wheel because aluminum is light and it will help to keep the weight of the car.

10. Fiberglass: it is used as an insulator to prevent  electricity escape.

11. Optic fiber: it is used as sensor

12. Glass: it is used for the mirrors and windows in the car

For the battery and other  component in  the car are  still under researches


 To God be the Glory we had a clue on what the future battery that is less fossil fuel in nature will look like. Research of others was looked into and discovered that nature had provided all these materials before man was born. So the material to be used will enlisted below

1. Sodium metal

2. sheet plate of elephant grass

3. salt water solution.

4. silicon (sand)

Reasons based on findings  are stated below.

a. sodium metal is abundant and also electropositive in nature. and it will give out its valency electrons easily.

b. A sheet plate of elephant grass will serve as electrolyte , like a blockage stopper and also fire breaker and wind breaker . 

c. salt water will serve as an electronegative to help disable water to hydrogen and oxygen. with that electricity is taken from the cathode side salt water and  anode side sodium metal

d. silicon (sand) will aid as an assist to sheet plate of elephant grass.

The main idea for this type of battery was gotten from the mechanism of plants and the solar system . Assuming the solar system is the external electricity supply . the top and the down side are the cathode and anode while the plant at the middle and the soil (sand) are  serving as the electrolyte


Your number one agricultural base battery has been analyze and chosen as a preferable choice over all batteries

1. Zinc makes a great choice for a sacrificial anode because it's a highly active metal that is capable of being sacrificed.  Reason why zinc is preferred for use to salt water is because of commerciality.

2. sodium is considered as best choice to serve as cathode

3. Silicon and elephant grass sheet plates are considered the best choice  as electrolyte. it also serve as storage medium 

4. Aluminum foil is considered as a electron carrier

5. fiber glass is considered as the best choice of insulator because it has a high resistance to electron passage. it will serve as electron blockage


When electricity passes through the system , the electron in the system becomes unstable. sodium ion is highly electronegative, the electron in sodium will pass through aluminum foil but gets trapped in the silicon and elephant grass electrolyte. Grass absorbs photon light from the sun in the process of photosynthesis but in this way the grass will store the electrons from electricity as photoelectric and also silicon is a good conductor for electricity, therefore electrons can  feel comfortable in that region. Similarly the zinc will tend to sacrifice its electron because it is a highly active metal. but it will also be trapped in the electrolyte. Also elephant grass will block the electron from going out of the system till when it is needed. After it is successful charged, you can connect your phone and the electron stored in the electrolyte will charge them .


It is efficient and covers up all the laps of the lithium ion battery. it does not affect the atmosphere and also your environment. It is very abundant on the earth. It saves cost. low maintenance and its parts can easily be replaced. it is safe to use


Rentolog Technology Ltd needs scientist, engineers , researchers, designer to work with us


We want to give the honor of inspiration to the God of Heaven and Earth. And I want you to remember that Jesus loves and still loves you




    Everyone dreams of low cost of energy and electricity, as its price surges high. Everyone is seeking an alternate product to fossil fuel consumption.
We want thank God for the idea and we want to say we have a good news for you:
What about an electricity generator that comes from a smartphone and you can easily control it, how would you feel?
A product just arrived from the future.
Instead of burning fuel and causing noise pollution in your environment, a better product has come just in time to fit your standard.
You no longer need to keep your generator outside your home, keeping it inside makes it safer.
Rentolog electric water technology (REwT) can be operated just with the use of water.
Rentolog Technology is open for students, graduates, professionals with dreams of changing the world.
click :


  Can you see the picture of Bermuda? The movement of the water inside it. It is what is intended for Rentolog Electric water Technology tank. This is the Ideology inspired by God. It is made so that the water will move faster and with more force.  


A photosensitizer (a ruthenium complex) absorbs light, becomes excited, and accepts an electron that is made available by an electron donor (triethanolamine). It then passes the electron on to the catalyst. The single gold atoms on the surface of the support act as “electron pumps”. They capture the electrons significantly more effectively than gold nanoparticles and transfer them to CO2 molecules and intermediates.

THE FUTURE: This is how the water powered car will perform when it comes to reality. The black box represents the water station in the diagram above. Water is used to turn a turbine inside the car, which in turn generates electricity from an alternator coil inside the car. The water will move in a continuous process, reserving the law of conservation of energy.
THE FUTURE: This is how the water powered car will perform when it comes to reality. The black box represents the water station in the diagram above. Water is used to turn a turbine inside the car, which in turn generates electricity from an alternator coil inside the car. The water will move in a continuous process, reserving the law of conservation of energy.
lawrence onyeka ojugbani ret
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