Good day, we write from Rentolog Technology Ltd concerning the high price of fuel and   air pollution in our environment. We appreciate your effort and contributions toward sustainable energy in the world.

We have a proposal that will  reduce the amount of fossil fuel consumption and also generate more income in the economy and propose for a business partnership in the steel and plant manufacturing industry. Currently the market is dominated by electric vehicles, so our major concern is how to improve its efficiency and save cost as a result of debts of purchasing electricity and also electricity stations are limited to some geographical area and areas like the deserts if  intended to journey.

We came up with an idea that will benefit you and me, we decided that for a more sustainable energy, let the electric vehicles produce their own electricity. imagine you journeyed to a desert location and your battery ran out of power, you cannot find any power stations but the only material you can source with you is the bottle of water you came with . We believe that during the evolution of cars, water(steam) was used but due to lack of modification, it was abandoned.

1.The RT model 1 car has the answer to that problem, the car works like the electric vehicles but with a difference. The car uses a device called REwT (Rentolog electric water technology) to generate its electricity. REwT work like the mechanism of our conventional hydropower dams, but with some calculations and precision  we are arrived with the idea. Also ancient scientists left a track from nature for which a car can produce its own electricity. Its research work was accepted by IJISRT( "International Journal of Innovative Science and Research Technology)

2. In a bid of reducing fossil fuel from the earth, Rentolog Technology Ltd made a substitution for an Agric base battery . Its research work was accepted by IJSER  ( international journal scientific and engineering research), IEEE SEM (International European Extended Enablement in Science, Engineering & Management), IRE (Iconic Research and Engineering), IJAEM (International Journal of Advances in Engineering and Management), GSJ ( Global Scientific Journal) and IOSR (International Organization of Scientific Research) journal.

Agric base battery was an inspiration from God and it works in the same way plants trap sunlight, but in this case, the battery will trap electric charges.

3. For more efficiency and customer taste , we applied the use of five(5) phase induction motors .

4. For the case of insecurity in the country, the company has found a solution to help boost the economy and also reduce the surge of crimes in the country. We found a means for wireless electricity which would serve as an alternative to fuel and gas and can serve as a household generator.


1. For every product of ours produced through your industrial plant and sold in the market , 40% will go to Rentolog Technology and 60% will be for your company.

For further information about the company and what we do, is sited in the company website@   contact: +2349030336750

Thanks for your cooperation. RSVP

Lastly, We want to use this opportunity to thank God for privileges to tell you that Jesus loves you.


Onyeka Ojugbani



lawrence onyeka ojugbani ret
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